• Online meeting: Discussing teen social media addiction
    • January 18, 7-8pm
    • Conversation will be facilitated by parent, educator and former school director Simon Holzapfel.
    • Readings to start off conversation and Zoom link to join



  • Meet the counseling team: In-Person Gathering in MG Cafe
    • January 25, 7:35-8:30am
    • Learn about what the counseling team does and how they address learning, mental health and other guidance issues.
    • Would you like to have a question addressed but don’t want to ask it? Send a question ahead of time, to be shared anonymously: hirschcecilia7@gmail.com
  • Coffee and Conversation: In-Person Gathering
    • February 9, 7:30-9am
    • Join others at the Store at Five Corners for a morning coffee and casual conversation.